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Marching Into Fresh

1 Mar

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As the CEO of a healthcare company, I like to eat fresh. I often go long periods of time without processed foods. It’s not easy in today’s world of fast food and grocery shelves full of processed foods, but I strive for reaching my goal.

In the winter months, it’s even harder when I’m up north and not a farmers market in sight. When I’m in the south, produce stands are in abundance, and eating fresh becomes much easier as it does in the summer months, up north.

So how does one “March Into Fresh” in the winter? After the holidays, I asked myself that same question. I decided to try several of the healthy subscription food services everyone is talking about. The ones I tried are:

Hello Fresh
Blue Apron
Terra’s Kitchen
Green Blender

Hello Fresh provided very good fresh food at affordable prices. You are able to order a 2 person or 4 person subscription. Portions are big. A 2 person box could probably feed 3 people, and a 4 person box could easily feed 5. You’ll get everything you need (for the most part) to easily prepare 3 different fresh meals at home with step by step instructions. You can even pick the dinners you like. I’d rate taste as a 3 to 4 star meal.

Blue Apron was similar to Hello Fresh, but I felt the recipes were just a bit more gourmet and the portions a tad smaller. My taste rating for Blue Apron was a 5 star meal.

Terra’s Kitchen comes in a vessel. I loved the concept of pre-chopped and measured ingredients, which gave it the easiest and fastest prep time. You can add healthy fresh snacks, smoothies and salads with Terra’s. I loved that feature. I’m giving Terra’s Kitchen meals a 3 to 4 star meal on the taste.

Keep in mind, without these fantastic meal subscriptions, my typical menu is about a 2 to 3 star meal. All three companies do an excellent job, and the taste varies by your preferences and how well you follow their instructions.

Green Blender isn’t a total meal subscription, but you can replace some of your meals with a healthy and fresh smoothie. I loved Green Blender, and they get a 5 star for fresh produce and smoothie ingredients you would usually only see at a high end smoothie cafe.

All 4 companies were fun to receive, and came right to my residence. They were all easy to prepare and delicious to eat. All were fresh. I guess you can say, I really did March Into Fresh. I encourage you all to try it too!

-Marilyn Crawford, HAWA Founder and CEO