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3 Phase Race Recovery

2 Jun

Runner Exercise Run Fitness AthleteRecovering from a race is a critical component to a proper training, a component runners often neglect. Our 3 phase recovery plan will help decreases your risk for injury and get you running comfortably again quicker.

Phase 1, immediately after race
– Quick calories: Carbs and protein will help repair your muscle damage while the fruit will give you a boost of vitamin c and antioxidants to help fight off any damage to your immune system.
– Change into dry clothes: Even on the warmest day, runners find themselves cold after their race. Bring an extra set of warm comfortable clothes to change into.
– Muscle recovery: Stretch your body out using a foam roller or muscle stick. You also may want to consider getting in an ice bath.

Phase 2, the rest of the day
– Fuel up: Eat a balanced meal with carbs, proteins and vegetables; and keep hydrating!
– Get a good night’s sleep: Try to keep your feet elevated and aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Phase 3, the next day
– Stay active: Take a walk or ride your bike, staying active helps your muscles flush out the toxins.
– Continue muscle recovery: Roll your muscles out as much as possible!