Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

9 May



With weight loss or weight management, exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. If you are beginning a new exercise program, fueling your body before your workout is just as important as refueling after your workout.

Pre-workout meals (1-3 hours before) should give you quick and sustainable energy to get you through the exercises. How much and what you need depends on your exercise plan, however it is necessary to focus on quality carbohydrate and protein sources.

More importantly, is the post-workout refueling phase. Both quality carbohydrates (fruit, whole grains, vegetables) and lean protein sources help restore lost nutrients. Again, what you need to eat is dependent on the intensity of your workout. More intense workouts will require more refueling for your muscles.

This helpful link talks about both more in depth and has tasty, healthy snack and meal ideas:

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