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Creating a Food Journal

28 Nov


Whether you’re just beginning a health goal or trying to move through a plateau, tracking your food with a journal will create awareness of changes that need to be made to your diet.

Often, when we need to recall what we ate that day, we leave out about 20% of intake or emphasize the better foods we ate. Writing down all food and beverage intake will allow you to accurately reflect on what you’re eating throughout the day. Do you lack fruits and vegetables? Did you forget about the little sweet you had at lunch along with your dessert at night?

Including a section for emotional state (i.e. stressed, bored, hungry, tired, etc) will also help create awareness of any emotional triggers to over-eating.

Understanding the Nutrition Facts Label

14 Nov

FDA label

Having a basic understanding of the Nutrition Facts label for reading calories, fat and carbohydrates is a great start, but the more you understand about those numbers, the easier it will be to create a healthy, balanced diet for weight loss or management.

Choose My Plate has a comprehensive but easy to read handout of the Nutrition Facts label located here:

Downsize Your Plates, Downsize Your Portions

8 Nov


One of the easiest ways to control portions at home is to downsize your food plates and up-size your water glasses.

  • Dinner plates have grown at least 3-4” since the 1960’s, and with that, our waistlines. Swap out your dinner plates for your lunch plates.
  • Use smaller bowls for cereal and soups.
  • Use tall thin glasses for any beverage other than water. Keep your water glass big!

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