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Dr. Bob’s Member Tips

9 Jan

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Dr. Bob, the HAWA Medical Director recommends accountability, when it comes to diet and exercise. You may either work one on one with a HAWA Provider, trainer at your gym, or join a class for group accountability (ex. biggest looser type programs, boot camps).

Activity tracking devices like Fitbit® are also an excellent tool with weekly progress reports and accountability. You may also connect your Fitbit to your HAWA Member account.

Dr. Bob’s advice to his patients is to achieve 150 minutes of exercise per week. Dr. Bob calculates his patients Target Heart Rate (THR) with this simple calculation: 220 – your age. For an optimal work out, achieve 65% THR for fat burning or 85% THR for cardio training. THR is actually very achievable.


Annie’s 30 Minute Cardio Blast

3 Jan


Annie Crawford, HAWA Fitness Specialist loves to run races. She loves to challenge herself with her speed and distance. On busy days that she is not running, she enjoys this short 30 Minute Cardio Blast. You can do Annie’s routine by following the reps suggested below for the exercises listed:

  • 100 Jump rope jumps (real or imaginary)
  • 75 High knees
  • 50 Squats
  • 25 Push ups
  • 150 Jump rope jumps
  • 75 Jumping jacks
  • 50 Alternating lunges
  • 25 Sit ups
  • 200 Jump rope jumps
  • 75 Glute kicks
  • 50 Mountain climbers
  • 25 Leg raises (each side)

January Challenge: New Year, New Healthy Routine

1 Jan


What are your goals for 2016? Mine include losing weight, competing in athletic events and being more aware of my healthy diet. Our team has gathered a few tips for you as you determine your goals for 2016:

• Establish your goals: a HAWA Provider may assist you in creating a goal and achieving it

• Wear proper attire: proper athletic clothing and shoes help your comfort and safety during exercise (avoid wearing walking shoes for running, old shoes or clothing that could get caught in your excercise equipment.

• Don’t forget your warm up and cool down: always stretch first and after

• Lifting weights: make gradual increases and use weights that you can properly handle. Always have a spotter

• Hydrate and Nourish properly before and after exercise

• Allow complete rest days: low impact of no exercise
Annie Crawford, HAWA Exercise Specialist & Valerie Bannos, HAWA Nutritionist