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Top Ten Sweaty Workouts

30 Jun


Want to try a new workout that will get your blood pumping and sweat pouring? Here are our top ten sweaty workouts:

  1. Rock climbing: Engages your leg, arm and core muscles throughout the whole workout
  2. Hot Yoga: Hot yoga rooms can be up to 105 degrees with 40% humidity
  3. Soccer: High intensity interval training
  4. Spinning: High intensity cardio workout
  5. Kettle Bells: Combines cardio and strength training
  6. CrossFit: High intensity circuit training intervals
  7. Stair master: High intensity cardio workout
  8. Running: Heart pumping cardio workout
  9. Basketball: High intensity training
  10. Kickboxing: Full body cardio blast


Health Benefits of Sweating

28 Jun


Do you sweat at least once a day? What is your favorite way to sweat; playing tennis, running, gardening, walking, working out at the gym? There are many different health benefits to sweating which include:

  • Eliminates toxins in your body
  • Improves your skin’s elasticity and tone
  • Boosts your endorphins
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Helps prevent infections
  • Improves your blood flow
  • Regulates your body temperature which helps prevent your body from overheating during intense workouts
  • Boosts your immune system


7 Day Beat the CEO Step Challenge

24 Jun



Friend the HAWAceo ( to climb to the top of the HAWA Leaderboard. Members with the most steps compete against other HAWA Members to be at the top of the HAWA Leaderboard for the day! Random Members selected to be highlighted for their success in the “7 Day Beat the CEO Step Challenge” in HAWA U.



21 Jun


Walking, biking, jogging, running, rowing and swimming are all great ways to work up a good sweat. What healthy exercise are you going to do today to accomplish this months sipping and sweating goals?

Fitbit Users: remember to connect your Fitbit Activity Tracker to your HAWA Member Account in your Health Tracker section of your Member Dashboard.

Pink Is The New Green

14 Jun


Pink Power Drink

Everyone has heard of the “Green Mean Smoothie” but have you heard of the new “Pink Power” smoothie?

The Pink Power smoothie is packed with ingredients that aid in digestion, fight viruses, helps lower blood pressure, cleanses the liver, anti-inflammatory properties, purifies the blood and more!


  • 1-2 Cups juice of choice (HAWA loves coconut water)
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil
  • 3-4 Tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 Medium beet cut roughly into 2 inch cubes (may need to steam beforehand depending on blender)
  • 1 Cup frozen strawberries/ raspberries
  • 1 Carrot roughly chopped (may need to steam beforehand depending on blender)

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Your June Sipping and Sweating Challenges!

7 Jun


Your June Sipping and Sweating Challenges:


  1. Increase your daily water intake! According to The Institute of Medicine, “13 cups of beverages a day is adequate for an adult male and 9 cups is adequate for an adult woman” (8oz = 1 cup).
  2. Check out our Pinterest board “Flavor Your Water” for new recipes to flavor your water the natural way!


  1. Increase your current movement to 10,000 steps a day! HAWA loves fitbit! Learn more about how fitbit can help you reach your goals at .
  2. Stuck in a rut with your fitness routine? Check out our Pinterest page for new workout ideas (yoga, crossfit at home, runners world, at home barre workouts, beach ready arms, lower body blast, hard core, total body workouts and more).


Interact with other members and show us how you are sipping and sweating by posting to our Pinterest Board “Sipping and Sweating” .    

Look Beyond The Label Of Flavored Water

1 Jun


We all want to drink more water, but if we’re striving for health why are we still drinking chemically enhanced vitamin or flavored waters from the grocery store? Remember that advertisers are not nutritionists and even though it says organic or has fresh fruit on the label the products are not always what they seem to be. Pre packed vitamin drinks are commonly loaded with chemicals, artificial sugars & corn syrups, ascorbic acids and foods colorings. If you crave flavorful refreshing drink options try flavoring your water at home. Make a pitcher before bed and let the flavors infuse! Challenge yourself to drink the entire pitcher the next day to stay hydrated.


Detoxing Kick:

  • 2 lemons thinly sliced (lemons are great for digestion, destroying bacteria and cleaning the system)
  • 1-2 pinches of cayenne (cayenne pepper increases metabolism, stimulates the circulatory system, aids digestion, and helps regulate blood sugar)
  • 1 pitcher of water

Relaxing Infusion:

  • 5-10 mint leaves (mint helps flush away complexion dulling toxins)
  • 10 cucumber slices (helps maintain healthy skin)
  • 1 pitcher of water

Other Invigorating Infusions:

  • Grapefruit+basil
  • Lemon+mint+cilantro
  • Lemon+ginger
  • Lemon+tangerine+pear+hot pepper+cilantro
  • Cucumber+lemon+lime+mint
  • Apple+plum+blackberries+mint
  • Cherries+lime+mint
  • Banana+nectarine+basil
  • Pear+rosemary
  • Carrots+pomegranate+sage
  • Strawberries+grapefruit+sage
  • Cucumber+watermelon+mint
  • Blood orange+ginger+basil
  • Rasberries+lemon